Living with AI, IP & Music in the Better-Best of Times – 5/23/23

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On May 23, 2023, members and guests of the Copyright Society of the South enjoyed lunch and a fascinating lecture on artificial intelligence (AI) by Dr. E. Michael Harrington (  Dr. Harrington explained the basics and potential impacts of this emerging technology and provided examples of utilizing it with video, audio, song lyrics, artwork, songs, and general research.

Dr. Harrington is a composer, musician, consultant, professor, and course author and professor at Berklee College Online. Harrington served as expert at the U.S. Copyright Office and World Intellectual Property Organization’s symposium Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence at the Library of Congress in February 2020.  Harrington created the Coursera/Berklee College of Music Copyright Law In The Music Business class/MOOC which has been taken by students from 169 countries from Afghanistan to Maldives to Zimbabwe, the Berklee Online Music Business Capstone course, and the Berklee Online Graduate Music Business Law class.

The full-house event was held at the headquarters of the Country Music Association (CMA) in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Copyright Society of the South board of directors thank Dr. E. Michael Harrington for presenting at its May luncheon event.

L to R: John Barker; Kent Draughon; Tim Wipperman; Kari Barnhart; Dr. Harrington; Marghie Evans; Colin Rushing; Aaron Hartley.


The Copyright Society of the South was formed in 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee, consisting of music publishers, attorneys, music industry personnel, and academicians interested in the field of copyright law. Its mission is to provide a forum for study and discussion of domestic and international copyright law and other matters pertaining to the entertainment industry. It provides seminars, speakers, presentations, and the opportunity to present various points of view on subjects of interest to the membership. The Society refrains from taking a lobbying role or endorsing or sponsoring political positions or candidates.  The Society also offers a scholarship awards program for students majoring in copyright-related fields.

Members are accepted into the organization by board vote. If you are interested in joining the Copyright Society of the South please complete our membership application on our “How To Join” page on our website, or email us at [email protected] .


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