Experts Panel Discusses The ELVIS Act and Impacts for Tennessee and Beyond – 2/29/24

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On February 29, 2024, the Copyright Society of the South continued its conversation regarding the Tennessee ELVIS Act and its impact on AI in Tennessee and beyond.  The Leap Day luncheon event was held for Society members and guests at the Country Music Association event room on Music Row.

The Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security (ELVIS) Act is the first legislation of its kind in the United States to build upon existing state rule protecting against the unauthorized use of someone’s likeness by adding “voice” to the realm it protects.

Participants in the experts panel were Tom Clees, RIAA SVP of Federal Public Policy; Senator Jack Johnson, currently serving the 27th District of Tennessee; and attorney Denise Stevens, Partner with Loeb and Loeb.  Attorney and Vanderbilt University adjunct professor Suzanne Kessler moderated the panel’s discussion.

Recording artists and musicians at all levels are facing exploitation and the theft of their integrity, identity, and humanity. This threatens the future of Tennessee’s creators, the jobs that they support across the state and country, and the bonds between fans and their favorite bands.

Copyright Society of the South board of directors welcome panelist speakers to its February 29 Event. L to R: Rick Marshall; Senator Jack Johnson, Panelist; Suzanne Kessler, Moderator; Denise Stevens, Panelist; Amanda Hruska; Tom Clees, Panelist; Aaron Hartley, Board Chair; Kent Draughon; Colin Rushing.

The Copyright Society of the South was formed in 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee, consisting of music publishers, attorneys, music industry personnel, and academicians interested in the field of copyright law. Its mission is to provide a forum for study and discussion of domestic and international copyright law and other matters pertaining to the entertainment industry. It provides seminars, speakers, presentations, and the opportunity to present various points of view on subjects of interest to the membership. The Society refrains from taking a lobbying role or endorsing or sponsoring political positions or candidates.  The Society also offers a scholarship awards program for students majoring in copyright-related fields.

Members are accepted into the organization by board vote. If you are interested in joining the Copyright Society of the South please email us at [email protected] . Please attach a PDF copy of your resume, CV, and/or bio in your email communication.



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