Webinar: Who Has the Last Laugh Now?: A Conversation with Word Collections CEO Jeff Price

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Copyright law can be confusing. The good news is that under US copyright law, comedians and other spoken word performers have the exact same copyrights and even better legal rights than musical songwriters. This means the licenses and accompanying royalties are not at all imaginary but required and protected under the existing laws. The problem […]

Webinar: Thriving in the Digital Age: A Conversation with Linda Bloss-Baum at SoundExchange

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Linda Bloss-Baum, VP/Government Relations & Public Affairs at SoundExchange (www.soundexchange.com),  will provide an update on their latest programs including the fight to create a terrestrial performance right for artists (via the American Music Fairness Act), new developments in royalties for foreign neighboring rights, an update on digital radio in the US, and other key initiatives […]

Webinar: The Phonorecords III Remand – What does this mean for the copyright holder?


Danielle Aguirre, Executive Vice President & General Counsel of the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA), will present information regarding the Phonorecords II Remand, updates since the July 1 response to the CRB, and the Remand's potential impacts to the copyright landscape. About Danielle Aguirre Danielle oversees all of NMPA’s legal, business and policy objectives.  Her […]

Lunch with Mozaic’s Marcus Cobb

BMI 10 Music Square East, Nashville, TN, United States

About Marcus Cobb Marcus Cobb is CEO and co-founder of FinTech company Mozaic, fka Jammber (www.mozaic.io). Cobb, Nashville NEXT’s 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year, is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, product designer and dynamic public speaker.  His striking journey took him from modest beginnings in El Pasto to technology leader for Fortune 50 companies, amassing a […]

October 20, 2022 – NIVA: Saving Local Live Entertainment from the Pandemic & Beyond

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At this month's webinar learn more about the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), which was formed in March 2020 to fight for pandemic relief for local music and comedy venues, securing more than $16 billion in funding and keeping a vital part of the music industry afloat.  Dayna Frank and Tobi Parks will discuss the organization’s mission […]

November 15, 2022 – Christian & Gospel Music: The State of the Industry & Beyond

According to GMA over 53 million Americans listen to Christian and Gospel Music several times a week.  These listeners are diverse and most of the listener base is under the age of 50!  After a very successful Gospel Music Week recently held in Nashville, our November event will feature a panel of experts who will discuss the current state of […]

December 8, 2022 – Annual Copyright Review with Stan Soocher

BMI 10 Music Square East, Nashville, TN, United States

  Stan Soocher is an award-winning journalist and entertainment attorney, as well as the long-time Editor-in-Chief of Entertainment Law & Finance, an ALM publication. In addition, Stan is Professor Emeritus of Music & Entertainment Industry Studies at the University of Colorado Denver, where he served as a Music Department Chair. Soocher has given speeches on entertainment law and related industry issues to […]

March 29, 2023 – On The Shoulders Of Giants

Learn how and why the Copyright Society of the South was formed ~ How the music industry has changed over the last 40 years ~ What industry veterans think about the future of the business ~ ...and hear some great industry stories  from 3 of the original founders of our organization! Members, join us for an executive boxed […]

May 23, 2023 – Living with AI, IP & Music in the Better-Best of Times

Dr. E. Michael Harrington is a composer, musician, consultant, professor, and course author and professor at Berklee College Online. Harrington served as expert at the U.S. Copyright Office and World Intellectual Property Organization’s symposium Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence at the Library of Congress in February 2020.  He created the Coursera/Berklee College of Music Copyright Law […]

September 11, 2023 – Fall Copyright Symposium

Belmont University 1900 Belmont Avenue, Nashville, TN, United States

Copyright comes to Nashville!   Enjoy three awesome sessions with Judge Steve Ruwe and John Riley as they discuss the current landscape of copyright from the front lines. This event will NOT be recorded.  Don't miss it!  Guest Speakers/Panelists:   Judge Steve Ruwe has a broad background in copyright and intellectual property law. Before his appointment […]