Legislative Updates – 1/22/21 Webinar

| January 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

Members and guests of the Copyright Society of the South enjoyed a webinar on January 22, 2021, with guest speaker Bart Herbison, Executive Director of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).

Mr. Herbison reported on legislative updates regarding the ASCAP and BMI Consent Decrees, the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC), and other copyright-related matters. CSoS Board President Kent Draughon moderated the event.


The Copyright Society of the South was formed in 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee, consisting of music publishers, attorneys, business people and academicians interested in the field of copyright law. Its mission is to provide a forum for study and discussion of domestic and international copyright law and other matters pertaining to the entertainment industry. It provides seminars, speakers, presentations, and the opportunity to present various points of view on subjects of interest to the membership. The Society also offers a scholarship awards program for students majoring in copyright-related fields.

Consideration for membership is open to attorneys, business people, academians, administrators and others interested in the field of copyright law.  To apply for membership please visit our Membership Application page.

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