2014, Year In Review with Stan Soocher, J.D.

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The Copyright Society of the South ended the year with Stan Soochers  annual Copyright Law: 2014 In Review. Some of the cases reviewed included a song infringement case with Lady Gaga and another with Usher.

“Stan Soocher is the long-time editor-in Chief of Entertainment Law & Finance.He is also a tenured Associate Professor of Music & Entertainment Industry Studies at The University of Colorado’s Denver campus. In Addition, Stan is an entertainment attorney and award-winning journalist. He previously authored the investigative book “They Fought The Law: Rock Music Goes to Court”. His new book, on Beatles legal issues, is scheduled for publication by University Press of New England in September 2015″ (quoted from “Copyright Law: 2014 In Review”).

For more information on Mr. Soocher visit: http://www.stansoocher.com/


From the top left: John Barker ( Chairman of Copyright Society of the South/CEO and President of ClearBox Rights, LLC), CSOS board member, Jill Napier, Kele Currier, Secretary of CSOS, Karl Braun (Hall, Booth, Smith and Slover),Vice Chairman of CSOS, Denise Stevens, and Stan Soocher.

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